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Princes Town man charged with 17 gun-related offences

Ted Tikah, 31, is ex­pect­ed to ap­pear vir­tu­al­ly be­fore Princes Town Mag­is­trate In­di­ra R. Misir-Go­sine charged with 17 gun-re­lat­ed of­fences. 

Ac­cord­ing to po­lice re­ports, Tikah, of Man­a­ham­bre Road, Princes Town, was charged on Au­gust 2nd and lat­er re­mand­ed in­to cus­tody on two counts of Shoot­ing with In­tent, two counts of Pos­ses­sion of Firearm, two counts of Pos­ses­sion of Am­mu­ni­tion, two counts of Pos­ses­sion of Firearm to En­dan­ger Life and two counts of Pos­ses­sion of Am­mu­ni­tion to en­dan­ger life for an in­ci­dent in­volv­ing a man on June 18th

He was al­so charged for Wound­ing with In­tent, Pos­ses­sion of Firearm, Pos­ses­sion of am­mu­ni­tion, Pos­ses­sion of Firearm to en­dan­ger life, and Pos­ses­sion of Am­mu­ni­tion to En­dan­ger Life of an­oth­er man on the same date. TIKAH was al­so charged with two ad­di­tion­al counts Pos­ses­sion of Am­mu­ni­tion.